Videography Pricing


Personal Kit Hire – £60 – Click the Bag to See My Full Kit! 

Any additional outsourced equipment will feature separately on the project invoices. 

Filming Day Rate - £200

Accommodation & travel expenses  are not included in the filming day rate price. The cost of travel will depend on the appropriate mode of transport & distance of filming location(s) in relation to my RG6 postcode address. 

Camera Operating Day Rate - 185


This rate is for clients looking to hire me to film a live event for the day. Depending on the scale of the project, additional equipment may be required and hired, of which will feature on project invoices. 

Editing Day Rate - £125

film-editing (White)

Editing day(s) will involve footage organisation, video assembly, audio mixing & colour correction.

I offer 2 revisions to showcase and discuss video projects with my clients during the editing process. Any additional revisions or last minute changes will incur a £25 charge. Revisions are only available for video projects <20 minutes. 

Revisions will feature a water mark to protect my work from unscheduled uploads.

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