About Ravi...

My name is Ravi Kang and I am a film graduate, photographer & videographer based in Reading (UK) . I work  primarily across Berkshire & West London but can be called to wherever your business is situated.

I collaborate with small-medium sized businesses to help generate media content for their website & social media pages. 

Occasionally I am hired as a camera operator either individually or part of a crew to help film live events. 



After finishing my BA Film degree at the University of Reading in 2017, I was offered a camera operating role by Achievemet TV. This involved filming graduation ceremonies at Liverpool & Newcastle University. After this I embarked on camera operating for Black Swan; filming orchestras such as the National Children’s Orchestra, The Hanover Band, Chethams’s Symphony Orchestra & Merton Music Foundation at iconic venues across the country like the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall,  Stationer’s Hall, London Barbican and Birmingham Town Hall. In the summer season I collaborate with Gigshotz to film music festivals and musical events in Berkshire. 

After working for others within a team, I decided to start my own business and become my own boss. Over the years I have managed to accumalate a wide variety of clients from celebrity singing dio Max & Harvey, Reading’s Lincoln Coffee House Cafe & tech start up company Unet.

My aim is to help you bring those amazing & creative ideas to life through to form of visually appealing content!  

Clients & Collaborators


Max & Harvey - Don't Be A Stranger Tour - Skits

I was hired to film 2 comedy skits written by celebrity singing duo Max & Harvey. These skits were purposed for their UK music tour titled ‘Don’t Be a Stranger’ and featured before they walked on stage & during the show’s intermission.

2019 Press Awards

Emoji Media UK invited me to work as a camera operator for this event. My role involved filming the presenter & Press Award winners take to the stage. 

Lincoln Coffee House - Coffee Bean Roasting Video

ExecLN - CFO & CPO Event - Fujitsu Presentation (Madjeski Stadium)

Cliveden Literary Festival

Working as a camera operator on behalf of Emoji Media UK for this event. 

Rugfest 2019

Worked with Gigshotz to film Rugfest 2019.


Let me know what you have in mind for your next project! I’m always happy to discuss content ideas and marketing strategies!






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